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Keweenaw Peninsula
          of  Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Travel Michigan.....Introduction to the area and local information


      Eagle Harbor Michigan

                      Situated in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Eagle Harbor, nestled on
                      the south shore of  Lake Superior in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, is one of 
                      many of it's uniquely  beautiful places. The area has a rich copper mining history
                      with many preserved  historically significant features.  So it gets it's name
                      "The Copper Country." The  Keweenaw National Historical Park commemorates
                      the copper mining history of  the Keweenaw.  Geologically, the rocks known as
                      the Keweenaw lava-flows are the oldest known at more than one and a half 
                      billion years old and contribute to the  areas unique topography.  The topography
                      ranges from sandy and rocky shorelines to rugged hills reaching to mountains 
                      and the beautiful Brockway Mountain drive.   Overall, it is truly a magical place. 
                      I hope my photo-interpretation gives you a  glimpse of it's beauty.  
                      Enjoy and protect!

Lake Superior

Keweenaw Peninsula

Travel Michigan
Eagle Harbor
Copper Harbor
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